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An offshore bank is a bank that is being constituted, regulated and maintained (administratively & fiscally) under the auspices of an international banking license (a.k.a. "offshore license"), which most probably blocks the licensed entity from establishing any kind of business relationship with customers coming from the licensing jurisdiction. Due to a more relaxed regulatory framework, customer accounts with offshore banking institutions are being used by residents of other jurisdictions seeking protection, confidentiality and a more relaxed mode of doing business with their bankers and minding their own financial affairs. Since the 1980s, various jurisdictions that cater to the needs of nonresidents are being collectively referred to as offshore financial centers, and a bank account held in a foreign offshore bank is often named as an offshore account.

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Everything you need to know about Offshore Banking Licenses

offshore banking licenses

Everything you need to know about Offshore Banking Licenses

Generally speaking, an individual or a foreign legal entity will keep an offshore account overseas for the fiscal and legal advantages it provides, that include large scale privacy, tax protection, confidentiality, easy access to unimpaired deposits, and (last but not least), protection against domestic political and financial instability and turmoil. And for the perspective and aspiring bankers, establishing an offshore licensed bank is one of the few industries, as well as tourism, in which geographically remote island countries can competitively engage. Interest is generally paid by offshore banks without any tax at the source, a great advantage for all those who do not pay taxes on their worldwide income, are perpetual travelers or engage in activities that are not being taxed in their domestic jurisdictions. In a nutshell, offshore banking is often linked to other legal structures, such as offshore corporations, offshore trusts and offshore foundations, which may have specific tax advantages for their founding owners.


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