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Financial licenses around the world and ready to apply via our network.


Depositary Agent
Your safe gateway to accept customer payments and process payment orders on behalf of third parties.


E-Banking Licenses
We offer an e-banking (full) license as an optional service for complete e-commerce solutions.


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Global Money Consultants S.A. is one of the industry's leaders in the procurement of financial licenses in Offshore Banking, Forex, Asset & Fiduciary Management, Payment Service Providers (PSP) & Electronic Money Institutes (EMIs), Free Zones and other related services.

Our firm has been serving customers from all over the world for more than 30 years. We continue to help clients to overcome the challenges of regulations with resourceful solutions.

Start or increase your business exposure in a regulated offshore, onshore or free zone financial environment and attract new customers with trust building licensing to conduct your business affairs.

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